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  • Garden Paving Ideas to Create a Masterpiece

    Garden Paving IdeasWhen you decide that you would like to update your garden area and add hardscaping, you will need some good garden paving ideas to get inspiration from. You can find a multitude of garden paving ideas on the Internet, but here are our top choices.


    If you are the kind of person that likes to spend time amongst the flowers and trees in your garden, consider adding a paved garden walkway that leads through your favorite areas. Of course, you will need to have a garden that is big enough to accommodate a walkway first.

    A smaller garden can also benefit from a walkway, but in this case you will want to use the outer edges for this purpose and frame the garden in it. Adding a decorative edge to the walkway to maximize its beauty and appeal is another one of our garden paving ideas that will greatly impact your design.

    Garden Patios

    A garden patio is a functional way to be able to use your garden and qualifies as one of the best garden paving ideas that have been created. By installing a patio within your garden, you will be able to sit and enjoy the beauty around you.

    Add a patio table and chairs or even a decorative outdoor bench to the patio and then have your morning coffee out there. You could even eat dinner there or have a picnic with someone special. Another wise idea would be to enclose the garden patio to Garden Paving Ideas  water fountainprevent bugs from ruining your time in the garden.

    Water Fountains

    There’s just something about trees, flowers, birds and water that fit together so nicely. By creating a central attraction that consists of a waterfall, within your garden, you can draw visitors in to explore the beauty and designs that are a part of nature.

    Garden paving ideas that incorporate a waterfall of some type should also have a decorative paved area surrounding that waterfall. Use patterns and designs in the hardscaping to compliment the colors and mood that you want to portray within your garden.

    Take notice of the textures around you as well, you will want to create a relaxing environment with your grand, rounded creation.

    Sitting Area

    Garden Paving Ideas sitting areaThe garden patio is one of the more grand garden paving ideas, but what if you don’t want that big of an area to relax in, or maybe you do not even have that much space within your garden. Consider creating a sitting area instead.

    Garden sitting areas go way back in time and were a common thing to build in order to create a private place for one to go and spend some time alone or with someone special while being surrounded by beauty.

    By designing an elegant paved walkway that leads to a concrete or wooden bench, you can still get almost the same effect as having a garden patio on a smaller scale. Plant plenty of greenery around the area for tranquilities sake and don’t forget to make sure you have some shade for those really hot mid-day visits.

    A garden can be a very relaxing place and is often a favorite place that many people love to visit. By using one of our garden paving ideas, you can make your garden even more enjoyable.


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  • Five Affordable Fencing Ideas for Your Garden

    Garden Fencing IdeasFor people who want to save money but still want to have their garden fenced, here are a few garden fencing ideas which are affordable yet would get the job done.

    (1)   Rustic Wooden

    One of the most basic garden fencing ideas, this type of garden fence is actually aesthetically valuable.  Despite its low side on security, it is an easy type of fence to construct by landscapers and even by homeowners themselves.

    (2)   White Picket Fence

    A white picket fence is a staple among garden fencing ideas.  The downside of this type of fence is the constant maintenance required with it.  Investing in good paint for the exterior and opting to use galvanized screws or nails can cost you a bit more but will definitely help you save costs you would have to expend in the future for maintenance.

    (3)   Dry Stone

    One of the good garden fencing ideas would involve positioning large rocks can make up a good dry stone wall and would be a good high security fence for your garden.  No need for steel rods, mortar and footings.  All you have to do is to position the rocks correctly and the fence is all good to go and can last from centuries without too much maintenance (unless it falls over).

    (4)   Bamboo

    Bamboo can be a great garden fence because of its strength and thus it offers a high degree of security.  It is low in maintenance and does not need to be painted over.

    rusty iron Garden Fencing Ideas(5)   Rusty Iron

    You can use these iron fences and allow growing plants to creep over them.  Once it has been grown over, it can prove to be very pleasing to the eye, plus it is also low in maintenance.

    (6)   Bricks

    One of the basics of garden fencing ideas is using bricks.  It can be a cheap option especially if you recycle used bricks.  Though mortar is needed to hold bricks together, it is not that expensive.

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  • Great Screening Ideas for Your Garden

    Garden Screening IdeasIf you are one of those people who would love to take advantage of great garden screening ideas for your home, then this article is a way for you to be able to achieve your desired garden screening designs and layouts.

    Garden screening ideas serve different purposes.  First is that garden screening can provide a homeowner privacy he deserves from neighbors or passersby especially during times of relaxation.  The second purpose of garden screening would be its practical usage of being a way to block unattractive views in the garden.  An area under construction would be a good example.  Lastly, garden screening ideas can add shade and beauty to a homeowner’s yard or garden.

    Before getting all excited and hastily proceeding to trying out garden screening ideas you think of for your garden, there are a few things which you should consider first before proceeding to the implementation state.  First, determine your budget for garden screening needs.  Third, you should be able to anticipate well the final appearance your garden would have upon the application of your garden screening ideas. Lastly, make sure that the additions you would be decorating your garden with are all rooted from practicality and not only on aesthetics.

    The following are great garden screening ideas which you can refer to.

    1. Brushwood

    These plants are exclusively from Australia and are intended for use as a natural screening fence.

    1. Trees

    Trees are also effective in providing screening in gardens.  If you need a big deal of privacy, then you may use larger trees.  If your needs for screening are not as extensive, dwarf trees are also good to use.

    1. Trellis

    You can grow certain types of flowers or vine plants on a trellis to be able to make a living screen.  You may havebamboo  Garden Screening Ideas to wait for the vines to grow for the trellis to become an effective screen.

    1. Hedge

    Evergreen hedges or Chinese hollies are good for year-round privacies.  For small-deal privacy, one can also consider lilac bushes.  Like vines however, hedges need to grow to be able to provide you with adequate screening.

    1. Bamboo

    It can provide you with beautiful, green foliage while still maintaining its effective screening purposes.

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  • Paving Patterns: A Reflection of One’s Personality

    Paver PatternsWho knew that through the mere placement of blocks and bricks in their garden or driveway, a homeowner can show his or her personality? This is exactly the case when it comes to paving, as the strategic placement of pavers would create paving patterns which may not only be visually-appealing and can enhance the look of a house, but can also be a means of expression for the homeowner.

    Paving one’s garden, patio, driveway, or even pathway means so much more than the tedious act of placing bricks and blocks together. By choosing from the myriad of paver patterns out there, one can modify the apattern to suit their preferred style and personality.

    There are two types of paver patterns, and these are the classic and the contemporary or modern patterns. Classic paving patterns include the herringbone, the most common pattern of paving which involves placing pavers diagonally at angles of 45 and 90 degrees. Another old-fashioned pattern for paving surfaces would be the basket weave pattern. As its name suggests, this involves placing two blocks vertically followed by two blocks that are placed vertically, creating a pattern which looks similar to woven baskets. Perhaps the most basic type of paving pattern is called the stretcher bond, as it simply involves placing the blocks or bricks together so that they face in a single direction.

    Radial pattern is a pattern that combines the herringbone paving pattern while also adding a an elaborate pattern by using alternating bricks. This type of pattern thus falls under the modern paving patterns and is ideal for circular and meandering paths. Homeowners can also opt to combine paving patterns which is a growing trend nowadays.

    Paver Patterns ideasAnd finally, there is a new pattern of paving called Large Format Paving which involves the placement of large bricks and blocks of pavers which are mostly rectangular in shape, giving the area an illusion of having a much larger space. The homeowner can also opt to leave gaps between the large bricks and blocks and fill them with grass, pebbles, and even small flowering plants. The colors of the bricks could also be experimented according to the homeowner’s taste.

    There are indeed a lot of paver patterns to choose from and not only will they be able to enhance the attractiveness of the exterior of a home, but sometimes, the design as well as the style chosen by the homeowner will reflect his or her own personality. Some wish to be conservative and go for the traditional paving patterns, while others dare to defy the tradition and choose newer patterns, but in the end, the final say is still up to the homeowner.

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  • Paving Ideas: The Possibilities are Endless

    Paving IdeasPaving is an activity which could be done with or without the aid of a contractor. Needless to say, having a contractor is synonymous to shelling out more money, although there is the assurance that the result of their task would be a paved surface that is smooth and clean. Doing the task of paving without their help, while obviously more tedious, would definitely be more rewarding once the last paver has been set, and more and more homeowners are drawn to the task of paving their own gardens, driveways, and other parts of their houses without help from professionals.

    However, before a homeowner prepares for the task of paving, he or she should first decide on the surface or the style of paving that they will place on their homes, and there are many paving ideas out there that, when executed properly, are sure to improve not only the looks of the surface that is paved, but also of the entire exterior of the house.

    info on paving ideasThe first thing to be considered regarding paving ideas is the area that will be paved. Driveways, pathways, gardens, patios, and steps are just some areas that are ideal for paving. Next thing which should be regarded when it comes to paving will be the type of paver that will be used, and it is in this part that a lot of paving ideas come in handy.

    There are three types of surfaces when it comes to paving, and each has its own pros and cons. The first type of surface is the block paving, a surface that is very cheap since it has already seen an increase in demand and has been mass-produced. One of the better known paving ideas when it comes to blocks would be their strategic placement at certain angles, or the use of blocks with several colors, which gives the paved area an attractive look.

    The second type of surface is the Pattern Imprinted Concrete, and unlike the aforementioned block paving, this surface leaves little room for paving ideas as one of the features of the surface is that it is nearly done and once it is sealed, it needs very little maintenance unlike other surfaces.Paving Ideas patterns

    And finally, the last type of surface which should be considered when paving is the tarmac or asphalt type of surface. Obviously, this is the surface that leaves no room at all for additional paving ideas because once they are placed there can be no more things which could be added, as the surface is very susceptible to cracking.

    Once the surface for paving has been decided, the next step would be choosing the type of pattern for the laying of the pavers, and this is the part where paving ideas are important since they will determine the overall look of the surface that is to be paved. And since paving ideas are limited only by the homeowner’s imagination and preference, the possibilities for paving patterns, styles and designs are endless.



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